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I S L A   C O R B E T T


Born in Africa to British parents, my love for the arts was ignited at an early age when I learned to knit and sew during summers visiting my grandmother in the north of Scotland. I went on to earn my degree at university in Three Dimensional Design with a major in Plastics but eventually found myself being drawn back to more natural materials and fiber arts. After I arrived in the United States 17 years ago, I combined my design and artistic experience to launch a home-based business handcrafting modern wool felt goods.


In 2014 I embarked on a 4-year collaboration with our local yarn shop to launch Cast Away & Folk in Santa Rosa. While running the shop’s sewing department, I had daily hands-on experience with independent sewing patterns and beautiful handmade tools. In an age saturated with technology I was inspired to develop a sewing program for kids, it has felt very rewarding to provide for today’s children the same early experience I had learning handcrafting techniques from my grandmother.


Folk Modern Craft connects the dots of my professional and creative passions. Through our online resources and studio-based sewing classes I look forward to being able to share the best of contemporary handcrafting and design with our customers and their children.